Lourena Nhate is a Mozambican multi award winning singer, songwriter and dancer that has achieved continental success with hits songs such as “Nita Famba na Wena", "Ni wa wena", "A Wu Hembi", and "Na Mbonga Papa". Starting off her career by participating and winning multiple singing competitions, Lourena’s brand has since seen her tour worldwide. She’s famed for her dynamism and consistent delivery of unmatched stage performances. She makes her debut on Coke Studio Africa and will be paired with Ethiopian singer – Abush Zeleke –to be produced by Ugandan producer Daddy Andre.


Under the auspices of composer and producer Ziqo, she recorded her debut album titled "MBAVA JUIZ" in 2006. The 12-track album was very well received locally as well as in South Africa, Germany and Portugal. In 2016, she released the song "Awu Hembi", a spirited composition that captured the breath of the nation. The track was very well received by musical critics, receiving massive airplay across radio, TV, social events thanks to its emphasis on the Lobolo tradition and its infusion of other genres. The song won her the most popular music award at Ngoma Mozambique 2017. In 2017, she released her smash hit “Ku sasseka" and recently toasted her audience with her latest release "Hi wena" released in August 2018. Lourena has enjoyed massive success winning various accolades and recognition among them, the award for Best RnB/Neo Soul at the Mozambique Music Awards (2007).


Lourena has been widely feted in Mozambique and was elected the Children Ambassador in 2008. The Tax Authority of Mozambique honored her in 2015 for her involvement in the Tax Inspection campaigns. She was also accorded Best Female Artist by the Municipal Council of the city of Maputo for special participation. As LN Media's Executive Director, Lourena Nhate frequently travels to China where she has signed several memoranda of understanding with local artists and cultural institutions through projects aimed at the internationalization of Mozambican music. She has graced several major musical events notably Ngoma Mozambique, Marrabenta Festival and UMOJA.


Lourena was born Lourena Felicidade Nhate in the city of Maputo, Mozambique on August, 1987. She was raised by her parents in the neighborhood of Hulene "B", near the city of Maputo. The celebrated songstress is trained in Human Resources Management at the Pedagogical University and holds a Master's degree in Public Administration by ISRI. At the age of 17, she began her musical pursuit and participated in one of the most popular reality shows "Fama Show" a year later where she emerged second. After the great success of the show, windows of opportunities flung open for Lourena to take a stab at music